Our Technology Solutions

At, Sumatran Technologies Solutions,value-based ICT solutions and environment is at the heart of what we do. Sumatran Technologies Solutions is an ICT consulting company that seamlessly integrates its consulting and training to effectively support the implementation of organisational ICT strategies and business solutions.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that produce your target outcomes and deliver tangible business value. Our Solutions are delivered in the context of our values: creativity, innovation, collaboration and agility.

Our team of ICT, business analysis, and project management professionals work with you to ensure  optimal ways to use technology and services to transform your ICT environment and achieve higher levels of innovation.

Through our vast work experience, we have developed a culture of supporting business processes that strengthen organisations by leveraging across a range of technologies and delivery models including mobility, cloud, IT outsourcing, network, communications‚Äč, data centre, end-user computing, security, and sustainability.

Sumatran Technologies maintains a close personal relationship with all its clients, which has led to high customer retention and referrals.

We focus on delivering the highest quality product and working with the highest quality people. We map out our directions and destinations clearly, and build the teams we need to get there. We don't stray from our plans. Through focus, we are achieving our goals.

We have put the appropriate processes in place to create the most efficient organization possible. By following processes both internally and externally we meet the high demands of the market. Sumatran Technologies is growing and delivering at high quality services as a result.


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